“I have always regarded entertaining as a vital and underrated part of business – especially when times are tough. After all, forging and building relationships is really what business is all about. And there’s no better way to take a relationship to the next level than a good meal in the right setting."
Roland Rudd
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Please read the following 'Golden Rules' for hosting a meal with 9others:

We are really pleased that you’re interested in hosting good meals with 9others in your chosen city - it will be great to have you on board! 9others was founded on the belief that, “Your success requires the aid of others”.

Since 2011 we have developed very strong connections with entrepreneurs in London and around the world and we work with these amazing people in order for the group to help each other drive success. Hosts in many cities around the world help to deliver meals with 9others and our philosophy globally. In order for the meals to be as useful as possible to the entrepreneurs we serve and to ensure that they have the same flavour and high standard everywhere we have 10 ‘Golden Rules’ for hosting a meal.

The Golden Rules are:
1. “Your success requires the aid of others” - help others and you get to go to dinner with 9 other people who will do the same.
2. Be useful and connect good people - we all have something to give and something to learn. There is no hierarchy at 9others.
3. The guests are to be entrepreneurs, startup people or entrepreneurial in their thinking and approach - there are no employees of corporates, brands or ‘service providers’ such as large law firms or accountants or investors.
4. We only host dinners in venues where we can provide added value to being there and by bringing in custom - we never use large chain restaurants.
5. The food is purposefully sharing food to encourage interactivity and so that people can eat and talk throughout.
6. We limit the amount of alcohol available during the meal - at most half a bottle of wine per person.
7. The dinners are held at least once a quarter and run for 2 - 2.5 hours.
8. We have a set start and end time which we announce so that people feel like they can leave without missing any more of the ‘formal 9others part’. Some people do like to stay on and head to a bar nearby but that is up to them.
9. A tiered pricing structure - each ticket sold is slightly more expensive than the last (e.g: In London ticket 1 is £35.00, Ticket 2 is £36.00 and so on until the Ticket 10 is £44.00).
10. We never give discounts. Ever. The value is very much in the people around the table.

We have some key wording for how we describe meals with 9others and it brings together the chance for ‘curated serendipity’. We refer to the dinners as ‘good meals with 9others’, we use the tag line, ‘your success requires the aid of others’ and our mission is to “solve business problems and grasp opportunities’. We are happy for you to use our logo (the k10 complete graph) and for you to point people to our website http://9others.com. 9others is always written with the numerical ‘9’ and lower case ‘others’ next to it with no space. Once people attend a meal we will invite them to a private 9others LinkedIn Group so they can connect with the rest of the community that have also been to a meal.  Our twitter handle is @9others.

We will set up the Eventbrite for you once you provide the location, date/time and the price of Ticket 1. Once all your tickets are sold we will transfer 80% of the revenue (after EventBrite fees) to your nominated bank or PayPal account. We will set up a 100% discount promo-code for your ticket - make sure you account for this and our 20% affiliate fee when you are pricing your dinner.

Pre-meal obligations:
- Find a suitable venue, set date/time and negotiate budget for the food/drink (in order for the 80% to cover this) and pass these details to us so we can create the Eventbrite.
- ‘Buy’ the first ticket and invite curated others.

Mid-meal obligations:
- Welcome ‘others’ and introduce people in the first 30 minutes or so. Chair the dinner:
- Explain the purpose, “Your success requires the aid of others” and that the meal with 9others is for everyone to help each other solve the challenges of business.
- Go around the table and facilitate a brief (very brief) introduction from each person but more importantly ask “what’s keeping you up at night?”.
- Make brief notes of each challenge and any suggestion solution, connections and experiences from the others that could help.
- Take a photograph of the group.
- Close the formal part of 9others (usually around 2.5 hours after the start).

Post-meal obligations:
- Within 2 days of the meal copy in all guests plus matthew@9others.com in an email with the notes of the challenges/solutions (template provided by 9others).

We are always available for questions by email on matthew@9others.com or by Skype with m.r.stafford

Thanks again and we look forward to building an ever stronger international community with your help!

Matthew & Katie
-- Co-founders, 9others Limited.

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